Information About Us

German Piétrain – Denmark is a Danish-owned company. Our head office is placed in Odense on Funen, Denmark.


The location of the farm is in the southern
part of Funen, which is placed in a very
beautiful area of Denmark. Our location
Eskebjerg was chosen because it’s located
very far away from other pig farms and
has a very long history without diseases.
Before making caesarian sections we made
a thorough cleaning of the farm; cleaned,
washed and disinfected


We have the highest level of biosecurity
and all people visiting the farm must
shower and change their clothe before
entering the farm.

Also they have to write in the book for
visitors. That way we can always follow
who is entering the farm.


Our vision is to have the highest health status of all farms in the world;

To be free from most diseases beside the normal, which means also being free from resistant bacteria, e.g. MRSA.
Being able to deliver first class premium animals all over the world.

German Piétrain Denmark

German Pietrain Denmark is a new breeding company from 2015 based on quite traditional German genetic characteristics. In short, our company is based on pure German Pietrain, which is directly imported from two of the best German breeding herds.

Our breeding activity is created on the basis of pregnant sows, which were imported to Denmark. After a successful process of caesarean sections, a whole new generation of German Pietrain was born. This is the generation that our animals come from.


The company is 50% owned by Porcus Ltd. and 50% by an external partner. This means that our decisions are always based on a high level of Veterinary Science and that they can be taken quickly.

The relative small ownership means that we as owners are constantly in contact with our talented employees, whether in the office or in the stables.

It’s important for us to emphasize that there is nothing else in our boars than the original German Piétrain.

Head Office Opening Hours

Office Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday  : 7.30 - 16.00
Friday                       : 7.30 - 15.00
Saturday                   : Closed
Sunday                     : Closed

Time zone                : GMT +1


T +45 2167 7194

Ørbækvej 276, DK-Odense SØ

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